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Username: paddy Last Online: Jan 21, 2013 17:41:21 GMT 1
Latest Status: Best newcomer 2009
Custom Title: *Pick up a P..P...P.. Paddy*
Posts: 18,386
Date Registered: Oct 6, 2008 9:41:01 GMT 1
Personal Awards on Haven:
Best newcomer 2009
Winner of the Scrappy Doo award 2010
3rd most helpful poster 2010
Received Gold Star from Paul.
Second in Haven royal rumble match 1.
2nd in Haven GP Season 1 (Wins in China season 1, Germany season 2)
16th in H4
18th in H5
9th in H6
12th in H7
24th in H8
16th in H9
3rd in H10
6th in Xmasvision 2010
21st in I 1
8th in I 2
Eurovision 2012 sweepstake winner